Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why does the arrival time for my backordered item continue to change?
A) Unfortunately the backorder dates are provided to us by the manufacturer of the product. When these dates change it is due to delays from the manufacturer to us.

Q) Can you ship to Canada, Puerto Rico and APO/FPO addresses?
A) No. Currently we are a very small web site and can't afford the loss to fraud and shipping prices.

Q) Do you accept international credit cards issued outside of the US or Canada?
A) No. Motorcyclemart does not process credit cards issued outside the United States.We apologize for any inconvenience this security precaution may cause.

Q) Do you ship internationally?
A) No. Motorcyclemart currently ships only to the United States.

Q) Is there any way to order without using a credit card?
A) Yes. Motorcyclemart does accept checks and money orders. Items paid for with check or money order will not ship until payment clears.

Q) Do you offer special prices for dealers/wholesalers?
A) No. At this time Motorcyclemart is strictly an online retailer. If you own a motorcycle store you are certainly welcome to order from us, however, the prices will be the same as the ones advertised online.

Q) If I do not see something on your website, can you special order it?
A) This usually depends on the item itself, please call 916-344-3421 or email us at and we will do our best to find what you want.

Q) Do you drop ship straight from the manufacturer?
A) No. All items that are not directly in-stock must be received at our warehouse before we can ship to you.

Q) Who are Motorcyclemart's suppliers?
A) Motorcyclemart works with the motorcycle industry's top suppliers including: Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Western Power Sports, Helmet House and more.

Q) What is a good tire to use on my motorcycle?
A) Motorcyclemart does not currently make blanket tire recommendations. Because there are many different tire brands, sizes, compounds and intended uses, it is almost impossible to make a tire decision without knowing all the variables that come into play. We recommend visiting the following tire manufacturer websites for specific tire information: Bridgestone - Dunlop - Michelin - Metzeler - Pirelli - Avon

Q) How do I find what model my motorcycle is?
A) Please check the exact year/make/model of your vehicle before placing a parts order. Look at your vehicle operator’s manual for specific vehicle information. You can often find model information on the steering head or frame on motorcycles.. It is important that you provide a model number and not just a model name. Example - 1989 Honda Hurricane is technically a 1989 Honda CBR600F Hurricane.

Q) Do you sell or distribute any of my information; email, phone number, etc?
A) No. Motorcyclemart does not distribute any information that you provide. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.


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